Thursday, 9 February 2012

Inverness airport run

Took some friends to the airport today for their lunchtime flight to Birmingham. That's a 150 mile round trip so the day was gone before I even realised it and I felt a tad frustrated at not getting any proper birding done. However, I managed a half hour parked at the end of the runway for a brew and to watch the local birds. I'm not really a year lister but since contributing to the BTO atlas and bird track projects my year list is generated automatically so during my 30 minute stint I added pheasant, stonechat, reed bunting and yellowhammer to bring my year list up to 80. Considering I live in an area that is rather impoverished with regard to bird species diversity, my year list struggles to get up to 150+ so I'm off to a flyer this year!
Also had great views of buzzard and kestrel so the day was not a complete wipeout!.

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