Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Snow fun

Even by my recollection of highland weather this May seems incredibly unsettled and cold. I have been doing some weird birding over the last few days looking at wheatears stood in the snow, a ringed plovers' nest with 4 eggs dusted in snow and meadow pipits displaying over snow fields at 500 metres! Apart from the obvious lack of migrants I have managed to add a few more species to the year list including red grouse, ptarmigan, grey wagtail, golden eagle, wood warbler, house martin, common tern and sanderling (125).  I even came across what I thought was a leucistic quail although following some advice it appears this bird is an escaped golden quail?

A walk up to the summit of Beinn Dearg at 3500+ feet was hard work in knee deep snow but the views from the top made it worth while.

Beinn Dearg 

approaching the bealach below Beinn Dearg

Today I stayed at sea level with another visit to Achnahaird for nice views of sanderling and dunlin.


dunlin & ringed plover


  1. Hi Andy, really nice blog.


  2. Cheers Dave, thanks for following/reading. Hope to get a few more migrants in before too long- feels like early April still!