Saturday, 14 July 2012

swim-pasts and fly-bys

Starting to notice a slow 'seasonal' change now, with great shearwater numbers dropping off on a daily basis, as the birds continue north for Canadian and Greenlandic waters. Cory's remain rather scarce too with just the occasional bird seen every 2-3 days. Aside from that it has been a hectic few days on the marine fauna front with Spinner and pan-tropical spotted dolphins seen- albeit, rather distantly.

spinner dolphins
pan-tropical spotted dolphins
I spent some time trying to get decent shots of Leach's storm petrels too, but these birds have been exceedingly difficult to capture- small, distant, flighty little things- and usually against the sunlight!!

Leachs' storm petrel
I had some success with the skipjack tuna that are constantly hanging around the bow of the vessel and occasional undertake an ambush of the juvenile flying fish.

skipjack tuna
Highlight of the last day or two though has been a lovely adult masked booby- unfortunately very late in poor evening light!

masked booby

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