Friday, 31 August 2012

Greenland Ice cap- extreme birding!

I had a few spare hours before my flight to Upernavik so went on a tourist trip to walk on the Greenland Ice cap- difficult to find the words to describe such a unique experience except to say it was rather amazing and a very thought-provoking experience- the ice is retreating everywhere! En-route I was lucky to see arctic hare, arctic fox, more musk ox, a white-tailed eagle and two incredible gyr falcons- just stunning raptors. Snow buntings and redpolls were feeding all along the edges of the ice. My last bit of fun before heading for my ship and the treacherous high-latitude waters of Baffin bay. 

Greenland wheatear

arctic fox cub

edge of the ice sheet

on thick ice- for a change!

600 km to the other side!


  1. Safe trip Andy, look forward to reports of what youre seeing up there.

  2. Greenland Wheatear, a total legend in bird migration, respect due!