Saturday, 16 March 2013

Vis mig update

Things have been quiet over the last week with persistent NW Beaufort f4/5 winds. This morning it was all change with a light (f2) easterly, occasionally veering to the south-east. In two hours I had 3 swallows, 2 sand martins, a redstart sp. and a phyllosc. sp. fly past the ship. On the deck were 3 pied wagtails including a splendid 'Moroccan wagtail- subpersonata' (note the damaged feet/missing toes). Flitting about the deck were also at least 4 subalpine warblers. Everything on the deck resumed northward flight after briefly feeding on the numerous flies and moths that had been buzzing about. Later I saw a couple of lark sp. and 4 swifts did a very fast pass!

pied wagtail- ssp. subpersonata

subalpine warbler

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