Thursday, 4 April 2013

cory's move north

It has been very quiet over the last week or so, with persistent NW airflow halting any anticipated vis. mig. The exception to this being an increase in sandwich terns, with the largest daily count of 80+ birds flying into the wind. A couple of distant flocks of duck sp. have also been observed flying north. Yesterday the wind finally changed direction and has been blowing consistently from the SW. This seemed to spur the cory's shearwaters into action. Yesterday I recorded 40+ birds throughout the day and this afternoon I counted 94 birds past the ship in 3 hours- all moving purposefully north. I never tire of watching these splendid ocean wanderers. This species never seems as comfortable as great shearwaters when it comes to flying past the ships that I am on, and they rarely approach closer than 150 metres or so. This makes them quite challenging to photograph but I'm fairly happy with some of the snaps I took today. Hopefully more goodies will follow!

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