Saturday, 4 May 2013

Out for a duck (1)

After my long sea stint I couldn't wait to get out on a twitch and see some decent birds and hopefully push along my British life list. Naturally, being based in a remote part of Scotland this entails considerable travel and so my options for 'twitchable' birds were very limited. I did a 320 mile 'day run' to Strontian in an attempt to locate the black duck that has been hanging around for months/years. Naturally I arrived on site a couple of weeks too late with the bird probably re-located to a nice quiet breeding area. If you are going to dip you may as well do it in style so I consoled myself with a few year ticks- grey wagtail, cuckoo and willow warbler and enjoyed the scenery! 

Corran ferry

Corran light

Fort William below the Ben Nevis range

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