Friday, 21 June 2013


We had a flock of 9 cattle egrets (I think) over the sea- 8 kept going (west!) but one peeled off, headed for the ship and then decided to take a rest on the radar mast. I prefer to see terrestrial bird species just keep going, as the longer they stay onboard the more weight they lose and the more dehydrated they become. Inevitably many die or  leave the ship looking much weaker than when they arrived-contrary to my frequent efforts to tempt many birds with fresh water. Anyway, one of the ships' officers (Gemma) decided that as this individual stayed over night 'he' should be named and so he was called 'Fred'! Who am I to argue....anyway, the following morning after a couple of false attempts 'Fred' finally decided to leave his roost and headed off over the sea- I suppose he just liked travelling solo!



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