Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Royal visit?

Had a fleeting glimpse of a couple of 'large-billed' terns today. I need to check my seabird ID guide when I return home (limited weight allowance for this job so my seabird reference library has been severely curtailed) although I think they were Royal terns- I'm hoping they were, as that would be a seabird 'lifer'. I have also seen a number of flocks of small terns feeding on and around the floating mats of sargassum seaweed that I think are black terns in non breeding/transitional plumages. A couple of days ago a probable Olive Ridleys' turtle also put in an appearance. Unfortunately my camera is playing up quite badly now with limited functionality- probably due to the excess temperature and humidity, so I'm not getting images to my usual high standard! ;)  A swift pass by a white-crowned lapwing was an unexpected bonus bird!

Royal tern
Royal tern
black terns feeding over sargassum algal mat
putative Olive Ridleys' turtle
white-crowned lapwing

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