Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sleepy North sea

Just back from a five week stint in the North sea. I had hoped to start seeing some visible migration as we got into early April but with low temperatures, predominately NW airflow and plenty of fog, bird numbers were very low with just two robins, two meadow pipits and a stonechat recorded on and from the vessel.  Seabird numbers were also low, although that was not unexpected for the time of year. Highlights included a few puffins and a tatty looking Iceland gull that didn't look sharp enough to be an adult with the main features of the plumage and bare parts leading me to conclude that it was most likely a 3rd winter- hopefully a larophile will point me in the right direction if that age is incorrect.

Aside from that a brief port call to Montrose allowed a couple of hours strolling around the coastal plain  where I got a shot of a an interesting leucistic oystercatcher. Spring feels a long way off!


  1. Thanks for your comment Andy,hope we get more great birds,it's still a fantastic feeling to see something new.
    By the way,love your Blog and your Header is smashing.

  2. Thank you both. I got lucky with great sea conditions in the Minch.
    The oystercatcher got me confused when I first saw it very distantly- a striking bird!