Saturday, 24 October 2015

Wilson's warbler, Port Nis, Isle of Lewis

Don't have much to say about this- I was fairly speechless when I saw the bird and although my photos. don't give the bird the full credit it deserves, some of the amazing shots put out on the various bird news services say it all- probably the best best bird I have seen in Britain! 

However, I will briefly thank Tony Marr and Roy Dennis for finding the bird and putting the news out so that others could enjoy it and also express thanks to the owners of the property who so willingly allowed several hundred birders access to their private garden. 

The vast majority of birders on site were incredibly pleasant, helpful and well behaved but I'm amazed at the 60+ year old chap from down south who squeezed through the legs of the patient crowd on all fours to get to the front of the crowd and then stood up in front of us and totally ruined our view and photo. opportunity- cheers mate whoever you are! Why is there always one? ;) Fortunately I stayed around and got better views later in the day when the minority hooligan element had dispersed. 

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