Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dragons n Poms

Heavy weather all night and a confused sea state all day so I'm a tad tired now. Just two birds seen today- an adult and juvenile Pomarine skua did a brief flypast. Apart from that I spent an hour attempting to photograph the numerous dragonflies that have been blown offshore by the storm. We have started our dog-leg NW and then tomorrow morning we will turn SW to head into the next part of this rotating storm system. Hopefully things will settle back down on monday.....

The closer I look at the fine detail of the wing structure the more captivated by it I become! This got me thinking about life, the universe and everything- subjects which alway ruffle my emotional feathers when I think toooooo much! I suddenly found myself in a far too serious mood, so I had to have a word with myself and went for tea and choccy biscuits and this helped me realise (yet again) that in spite of all my pondering the best answer to those big questions is still 42! ;) (as provided in the 'Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy'- for those of you that never read it!)

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