Thursday, 15 March 2012


Got onto a huge raptor today! Well actually as we all know a dark bird against a light background looks far bigger than it is, and similarly a light coloured bird against a dark background does too- correctly sizing birds with little visual reference to other objects is often the bane of my sea watching experience. Anyway, at 500 metres range, despite looking the size of a large eagle, the jizz of this bird screamed 'marsh harrier' although thoughts of booted eagle and even black kite initially floated through my head. It stayed on the wrong side of 300 metres and was against the sun as it flew past our port side, so I couldn't get much on it but I think it was a marshy?

This afternoon we had changed our heading by 180 degrees so that the sun was then on the starboard side- and of course this great skua decided to also keep pretty much in the sun by flying down that side!

Finished the day with half a dozen common dolphins too, but again they didn't want to be photographed!

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