Friday, 2 March 2012

One swallow........

........doesn't make a spring for sure but the first swallow of the year always puts a smile on my face wherever I am! :)

This one made a lovely silhouette in the pre-sunrise light. Things have been deathly quiet on the seabird front with a gannet the only bird worth a mention. Yesterday a black redstart and a stonechat were a bonus as were a flock of 9 grey herons flying north over the sea.

Black redstart
There was a bit of drama this morning too as we had several close engagements with the local fishing fleet and even managed to snag some surface long lines on our towed gear. A few unhappy bunnies about for sure! Despite scanning hard for several hours there has been no indication that any marine mammals are in our vicinity, hopefully that will change and I can get some decent photos.

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