Monday, 25 June 2012

Paramaribo- Surinam

After a 10 hour flight from Amsterdam, a 4 hour time zone change and 6 hours sleep in a hotel somewhere in Paramaribo, I found myself on a small supply vessel heading down the Paramaribo river through tropical rain forest for the 20 hour passage to my working vessel somewhere out in the North Atlantic. 

heading down river
I readily admit to not knowing the names of the majority of birds found in this area although I'm not too bad with the sea birds- at least the Large-billed terns were easy enough!

Large-billed terns

magnificent frigate birds
Unfortunately the magnificent frigate birds were a little too high too get a quality photograph although they were certainly a magnificent sight! On occasions these birds seemed to have a very similar jizz to red kites.

It is not often I get to see a new species of marine mammal so finding a small pod of Tucuxi river dolphins was a real bonus!!

Tucuxi- freshwater dolphins
traditional static fishing traps

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