Friday, 29 June 2012

Tropical delights.

A wonderful day at sea today. The morning started really well with 20- 30 Fraser's dolphins bow- riding the vessel whilst at the same time a pod of 150-200 Melon-headed whales frolicked 150 metres off the port beam. I was really fortunate to sea some cracking birds too- an adult laughing gull did a brief flypast allowing me to take a quick snapshot through the bridge window and later, when I was outside with the camera at working temperature, a brilliant red-billed tropic bird did a brief dive, then flew across our path. This bird was a little too distant for a quality shot but even with a heavy crop it is still recognisable. A half dozen or so great shearwaters also put in an appearance throughout the day as did a solitary pomarine skua.  In my excitement I almost forgot yesterday's Leach's storm petrel and cory's shearwater!! I'm being rather spoilt on the marine fauna front at the moment!! Happy days indeed!!

Fraser's dolphin
Melon-headed whales

laughing gull

red-billed tropic bird

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