Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Redstart sortie

Had a couple of hours in a local glen this afternoon, with the target species being redstart- a species that is showing a very noticeable decline in the NW highlands. Everything was generally quiet although eventually I did locate a pair of these wonderful woodland birds. Getting a photograph was very difficult however, as I could not get too close, with the birds obviously carrying food to a nest site in one of the old alder trees. Eventually the male popped up briefly (and distantly) and I managed a poor record shot through heavy vegetation.

male redstart
I recorded 24 species in my two hour stint with only a wheatear and a meadow pipit offering any photo opportunities- if only the redstart had been this obliging!

meadow pipit

I decided to take a short-cut across an open expanse of marsh on my return walk but quickly reverted to the woodland when I became the focus of a very vocal lapwing- oops!

A cracking male reed bunting and a snipe were the only birds of note on the walk back to my mountain bike and the 5 mile ride home.

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