Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Barbary falcon?

Bit of a treat yesterday morning when a medium-size falcon came flashing over the sea, circled the ship twice, then settled on a support beam under the heli-deck. The flight was powerful and dashing and initially when seen I thought peregrine although the bird seemed rather more refined. Anyway, a raptor expert I am not- especially concerning new African species!,but having shot off a few frames I think this bird could be a barbary falcon. I would be delighted if someone/anyone reading this post could advise me differently if that is the case. Aside from the ID challenge it was a delightful moment to see the bird on the ship. Having plucked and eaten its' breakfast, the bird flew off, was momentarily harried by 3 LBBG's and then flew NE towards the coast just north of Agadir.

Edit-footnote 28.02.2013- had a nice email from Hugh Insley (highland recorder) and LGR Evans (UK400) today, confirming this bird as a 1st year Barbary falcon. Many thanks gents!

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