Saturday, 23 February 2013

Moroccan delights

Not much to report on the sea bird survey although the species list is steadily climbing with the addition of kittiwake, great skua and sandwich tern.  Although I have also had repeated distant views of shearwater sp. and storm petrel sp. they remain very elusive and as yet I have been unable to get a positive ID on any of them. We are surveying in an approximate west-east orientation and during the east-end work we are only about 5 miles offshore. This has provided some lovely views of the Moroccan coast and the beautiful snow-capped Atlas mountains- the first time I have seen snow on the African continent.
Agadir with snow-capped Atlas mountains beyond.
close pass to the shore south of Agadir- where desert meets sea!
Being so close to shore has allowed a number of uninvited guests to jump aboard, including a collection of bugs, beetles, grasshoppers and moths. 
hawk moth sp.
grasshopper or locust?
We also had a very nice view of a loggerhead turtle as it swam past the vessel.

Loggerhead turtle

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